Tradition Meets Innovation

Welcome to Sullivan Bakery, where we believe that every bite tells a story.

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Passion Meets Palate

Step into our world, take a deep breath and experience the joy of savoring local, fresh-baked goods in an atmosphere that's both inviting and inspiring. At Sullivan Bakery, we share this passion with our culinary students.

Meet Our Chef

Meet Chef Teeylah Webster, our accomplished Pastry Chef and Production Manager. With a degree from Sullivan University, her culinary journey is a testament to her dedication and expertise in the art of pastries and production. 

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Artisan Bakery

Our commitment to blending the heritage of time-honored baking techniques with the innovation of modern culinary artistry is what sets us apart. The menu is a testament to our passion for the art of baking, featuring an exquisite array of bread, pastries, and light sweets that pay homage to centuries-old techniques while embracing the creativity of modern culinary trends. From the hearty crunch of artisanal loaves to the delicate flakiness of croissants that transport you to a Parisian café, each bite is a celebration of flavors carefully crafted.

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If you would like to place an order, please call! Currently, we do not have online ordering. 

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